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4 ways to declutter like a boss
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4 ways to declutter your home

Different methods of decluttering Four ways to declutter your home and take control of your life. If you’re feeling lost in all your clutter these methods might help. If you’ve just started your minimalism journey and have started researching different methods of decluttering you’ve probably found out that there are […]

glutenfree granola
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Gluten-free maple and pecan granola

Easy maple pecan gluten-free granola recipe. Perfectly crunchy, cheaper than the store-bought ones and much better for the environment. You will never go back to spending money on store-bought granola again. I really wanted to try to make my own granola as an attempt to be more healthy and environmentally […]

vegan and gluten free greek koftas
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Vegan and Gluten-free Greek Koftas

Vegan and gluten-free Greek style Koftas are so much easier to make than I thought. And, with a little help from the Meatless Farm Co., they are a breeze. Nope, not an advertisement, I just love sharing great finds in the supermarket. Therefore, I share with you the products I […]

vegan spaghetti bolognese
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Gluten-free vegan spaghetti bolognese

One of our favorite things to eat is spaghetti bolognese. This healthy vegan and gluten-free spaghetti bolognese is a perfect family midweek meal. Kid-friendly and delicious and anyone can make it. This is my younger daughters favorite thing to eat and she can actually cook a great one all by […]

Easy vegan and gluten-free falafels
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Easy vegan and gluten-free falafels

For a few days now, I’ve had falafels on my mind and being on a bit of a health kick I wanted to make easy vegan and gluten-free falafels. The other day I had to run errands in Watford. I got there just before lunch and after my appointment, I […]