• Recipe

    Sweet and Sour Cauliflower

    Sweet and sour cauliflower. These crispy bites are just like you would get in an Asian restaurant but probably a bit healthier, but just maybe! When I was a kid I used to love sweet and sour…

  • Photo of prepared pancakes with berries

    Light and fluffy vegan pancakes

    What’s cosier on a gloomy Sunday morning than getting up and make a fresh batch of light and fluffy vegan pancakes. Every family forms their own traditions and one of ours is to make Sunday pancakes, maybe…

  • Recipe

    Korean Chili Sesame Tofu

    If you love a bit of heat kick in your food, this Korean inspired chili sesame tofu is a must-try recipe. These crispy tofu bites are bursting with flavor. Asian inspired cuisine has always had a special…

  • photo of cupcakes and tea

    Strawberry and champagne cupcakes

    Strawberry and champagne cupcakes which bursting with fresh and fruity flavor. These are so decadent and classy, perfect for the pot luck picnic or just as a treat.┬áThis recipe blogpost features Tea and the Gang’s tea The…

  • Recipe

    Vegan alfredo pasta

    Vegan alfredo pasta, rich creamy sauce with a hint of garlic and lemon. What more could you ask for in terms of pasta sauce? This is the perfect weekday dinner as it is so quick and easy…

  • Carrot and sweet potato soup-9

    Carrot and sweet potato soup

    This carrot and sweet potato soup is the ultimate fall comfort food. It’s creamy, naturally sweet and the flavor of the vegetables is balanced by the warm spices. It’s super quick to prepare and one of the…

  • Vegan coronation chicken salad

    Vegan Coronation Chick*n salad

    If you love curry and a little bit of mango chutney, you are going to love this coronation chicken salad. So delicious and hard to stop eating! Highly popular and found in almost all grocery stores, this historical…

  • Raspberry Cupcakes

    Vegan raspberry cupcakes

    Vegan Raspberry Cupcakes with fresh raspberries and topped with raspberry buttercream made from fresh raspberry reduction. I love using fresh fruit in my baking, not only for the intense fruity flavor but also for the gorgeous color…