Carrot and sweet potato soup-9

Carrot and sweet potato soup

This carrot and sweet potato soup is the ultimate fall comfort food. It’s creamy, naturally sweet and the flavor of the vegetables is balanced by the warm spices. It’s super quick to prepare and one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever made. Warm and cozy Fall is closing in on […]

Vegan coronation chicken salad

Vegan Coronation Chick*n salad

If you love curry and a little bit of mango chutney, you are going to love this coronation chicken salad. So delicious and hard to stop eating! Highly popular and found in almost all grocery stores, this historical recipe has now been veganized. The historical dish Coronation chicken or “Poulet Reine […]

Raspberry Cupcakes

Vegan raspberry cupcakes

Vegan Raspberry Cupcakes with fresh raspberries and topped with raspberry buttercream made from fresh raspberry reduction. I love using fresh fruit in my baking, not only for the intense fruity flavour but also for the gorgeous colour it naturally gives anything it touches. These vegan raspberry cupcakes are so easy […]

white chocolate chip cookies

Vegan white chocolate chip and honeycomb cookies

Perfect vegan white chocolate chip and honeycomb cookies made completely from scratch. Crispy on the edges and soft and gooey on the inside. The white chocolate chips make them extra creamy and the vegan honeycomb turns into succulent caramel when it melts into the cookie dough. For the love of […]

4 ways to declutter like a boss

4 ways to declutter your home

Different methods of decluttering Four ways to declutter your home and take control of your life. If you’re feeling lost in all your clutter these methods might help. If you’ve just started your minimalism journey and have started researching different methods of decluttering you’ve probably found out that there are […]

glutenfree granola

Gluten-free maple and pecan granola

Easy maple pecan gluten-free granola recipe. Perfectly crunchy, cheaper than the store-bought ones and much better for the environment. You will never go back to spending money on store-bought granola again. I really wanted to try to make my own granola as an attempt to be more healthy and environmentally […]